Through interactive creative processes, ImagePatrol helps our clients strategically start-up, rejuvenate and preserve to strengthen their brands.

By utilizing methods of Define, Design, Develop and Deploy, We delivers individualized creative solutions. With more than 25 years experience, Nothing matters more than our clients’ satisfaction. Our goal is to establish a valuable, long-term rapport that endures long after the completion of the project.

Business Strategy

We help your executive team set direction and scope for the organization over the long-term: determining which direction achieves the best advantage for the company with its available resources within this challenging environment. We want you to meet the needs of your market and to fulfill your expectations for the company.

Brand Architecture

A well-defined brand architecture and nomenclature strategy enables you to maximize the impact of your portfolio of brands. We analyze your existing strategy and recommend the optimal approach to portfolio organization and product naming.

Brand Equity Consulting

Knowing your brands and how they are perceived is critical to making sound strategic decisions. A thorough brand equity assessment enables you to better understand how customers, potential customers, employees and other key target audiences perceive your brands. It is a process of identifying strengths, weaknesses and new opportunities for your brand.

Brand Positioning & Messaging

We provide positioning and messaging development to ensure that your brand is communicated clearly and consistently. We use our highly interactive approach to cultivate compelling, believable and sustainable brand positioning, as well as brand messaging that enables you to stand out in a crowded market.

Name Development

Names begin with strategy but endure from creativity. Our process begins with a focused analysis of your company, product or service so that we can determine the best directions for creative discovery. Once we define the creative landscape, we develop names that best capture and express your brand. We also evaluate them for potential linguistic pitfalls and assess them for trademark availability. Our process is creative, credible and successful. Our deliverable is a name that connects with your audience and effectively communicates your brand’s message.

Tagline Development

Taglines are another opportunity for a brand to communicate with its audience. They can describe what a company does or depict the tone of the brand as well as provide a connection between the name and the company message. Tagline development follows a similar process as name development.

Digital Brand Positioning

Our experts start by listening, letting customers become collaborators with viral media and social marketing campaigns. We identify where it best to market and keep you on top of what’s new. We assist in finding partners, publishers and relationships online that can move your brand through the digital climate. Whether a website or a blog we will define your brand into digital marketplace and track it through it’s digital environment.

Corporate Identity Design

Our design team brings brands to life. We believe a strong visual brand is one that unites creative skill with strategic vision, enabling it to deliver powerful and sustainable results for today’s competitive landscape. With a thorough knowledge of industry trends, our designers are experts at translating research into effective visual identity solutions that resonate with target audiences and help capture valuable visual market share.

Product Identity Design

Using the proven processes to develop corporate identities, we implement the same dedication and rigorous exercises to create compelling visual identity solutions for your products and services. We work very closely with our clients to understand their target consumers and category relevant challenges to produce sustainable and lasting visual solutions.

Package Design

Packaging provides a unique opportunity to position and build equity in your brand. Driven by the brand strategy, ImagePatrol blends creativity and practical intelligence into the design. By exploring the brand from both an artistic and technical perspective, We ensures that the design reflects the promise, priorities and hierarchy of the brand strategy. We design and develop prototypes then test them with your various target audiences.


Successful brand communications help tell the special stories of a company, product or service. They educate, promote and deliver the key attributes to the intended audience. We understand the importance and value of effective communications, but more importantly, we understand who our client’s are trying to speak to.

Standards Manuals

We provide the necessary tools for effective brand management. While utilizing a customized approach based on the unique needs of our client. We begin by evaluating where and how the logo will be used, and by whom, in order to provide information that will contribute to efficient and effective utilization of the design in a variety of applications.

Market Research

However, research is only as good as the survey, sample selection and interpretation. Our clients depend on us and our partners for reliable testing to introduce, manage and facilitate brand equity through all phases of a brand’s life cycle. From brand positioning, messaging and architecture to naming, tagline and design our testing methodologies have consistently proven successful. The result: brand strategies and identities are validated through customized market research and positioned for success in the marketplace.

Marketing Net

Any and all media we use must connect to your brand and interact with each tactic we deploy. We strive to maintain the maximum impact for your investment through what we call a marketing net.