Over 12 years in business partnering with businesses to realize their vision.

In June of 1997, ImagePatrol was launched with our mission to deliver vision through great imagery. Through an economy of ups and downs we have managed to help businesses own their target audiences. ImagePatrol’s team of experienced creative professionals are key to our clients success but their strong relationships with us are key to ours.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, your brand has to break through the clutter. It has to fully reflect the positioning of your company, product, or entire product line. It must reinforce your strategic plan. Your customers or clients today are now looking deeper into your company and your products to reflect your core values through social responsiblity.

At ImagePatrol, we think visually and build brands through strong imagery. We can start-up, rejuvinate or preserve your brand and build into it a communication program that reflects the current environment that leads you to future success.

Most people are visual learners; a recent study by the U.S. Federal Government suggested that up to 83% of human learning occurs visually. The study also indicated that information which is communicated visually is retained up to six times greater than information which is communicated by spoken word alone. With information like that, we pay attention. 80% of Americans adults say they are motivated to some extent by green considerations, according to a new consumer survey from the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI)

We firmly believe powerful branding takes partnership with you, which is why we cultivate productive relationships with clients. Working together, we repeatedly build visual brands that have immediate impact and long-term staying power.

Although visual branding is essential, we also see words through conversation becoming great brand tools on the online social networks.  However the world develops around your industry, we deliver brands that are validated by market research – brands that your organization can successfully apply.