Branding is a cost of entry.

Over the years, I have seen many start-up companies fail to look at branding seriously and it eventually has become their detriment. This is because they see the brand only as a name and logo. Although a name and logo are important, branding is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

In today’s world of millions of messages being put in front of your prospects on their cell phone, in the newspapers, on the web, on TV, on a daily basis. A start-up must cut through the clutter, to differentiate. To make yourself known. To offer solutions. To connect with those prospects. To make people aware of the benefits of your product or service you offer. As an brand agency, we are constantly asked how to do this and is it necessary. Yes we do this and yes it is necessary. Whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market, expanding your market reach, changing the name of your company, expanding your services, merging companies or just have something new to say to your intended audience, branding is key to positioning and communicating this information.

The benefits that a good brand will achieve include:

• Gives your company a face, a personality and an image in a marketplace that is 80% visual.

• Confirms your credibility and builds name recognition for your company or product.

• Creates trust and develops an emotional attachment to your product or company.

• Articulates your company’s values and explain why you are competing in your market.

• Makes purchasing decisions easier. In a commodity market where features and benefits are virtually indistinguishable, a strong brand will help your customers trust you and create a set of expectations about your products without even knowing the specifics of product features.

• Connects and unifies your core working force with the company’s mission.

• Motivates the buyer, Influences the buying decision and shapes the ownership experience.

• Commands a premium price and maximizes the number of units that can be sold at that premium.

• Helps you “fence off” your customers from the competition and protect your market share while building mind share. Once you have mind share, you customers will automatically think of you first when they think of your product category.

• Communicates a strong, consistent message about the value of your company. A strong brand helps you sell value and the intangibles that surround your products.

• Signals that you want to build customer loyalty, not just sell product. A brand impresses your firm’s identity upon potential customers, not necessarily to capture an immediate sale but rather to be around for the long term.

As a Start-up you need to work hard to ensure that you are offering your customers a strong brand that is clearly differentiated and that offer clear, real value and unique benefits. The need for branding has never been greater. Contact ImagePatrol and start the converation. Get your Start-up off the ground with the right brand.