Getting started.

For start-up and small businesses, branding often takes a backseat to all of the other considerations — such as funding and product development. This is unfortunate because a company’s brand can be vital to its success. Dollar for dollar, it is as important and needed as any other start-up activity.

We acknowledge that Start-ups are financially lean, after all, you have much to do and to pay for. Getting off the ground running with a well thought out brand can deliver that extra push that will get you noticed and jump start your revenue stream.

ImagePatrol’s process begins with an intoductory meeting that starts the conversation around your business. The first hour is on us, so you can feel completely engaged to ask us questions and learn about the benefits of using ImagePatrol. When you are completely convinced, we can then begin to custom develop a plan that is designed for your success and with consideration of your resources. Our role in this process is to partner with you to release fresh thinking, offer informed perspectives, and play devil’s advocate to accepted wisdom.  Working with our process, we will generate consensus at every stage along the way to ensure that the process results in a shared strategic vision.

ImagePatrol’s brand process includes the following steps:

1: Discovery (Discovering the opportunity)

ImagePatrol will need to discuss your vision for the company and understand the motivations that will drive the Start-up. From this we would perform a market audit, studying industry stats and trends, as well as a comprehensive competitive review, to gain insight while establishing a “baseline” of basic truths and hard realities – for both the Start-up and its category.  In the case that you have already put a good deal of effort into this, you would be sharing this information with us.

2:  Define/Design (Creating a name, vision and providing a voice)

ImagePatrol examines the findings from the discovery phase and begins establishing new objectives and a brand positioning structure, articulating those via new competitive brand architecture. This phase includes naming, identity, taglines, differentation, brand direction and determining brand touch points within target audiences.

3:  Development (Developing initial propositions for both marketing and creative)

In this phase, ImagePatrol takes the positioning concepts and translates them into an actionable, strategic communication plan, which we use to develop the creative tactical concepts that will take your brand to market. Special care is given to creating a proprietary look and tone that will cause customers to respond and engage with the brand. Generally, several complete rounds of creative work will result, with numerous directions being proposed.  Through further development and fine-tuning, primary directions are agreed upon and finalized. Your brand image will take form. As a test of concept, market reaction engaged and concepts are refined as needed.

4:  Deploy (Launching the master go-to-market plan)

The official launch of the new plan.  Brand plans, Images and associated creative concepts are executed and production begins.  Upon completion and approval of all creative elements, new, integrated brand tactics hit your marketplace.

5:  Measure (Gauging effectiveness/tracking results)

In this phase, ImagePatrol works with the Start-up to gauge and measure the initial and ongoing effectiveness of the launch plan. This process includes measuring gains in results such as sales, profits and brand awareness, as well as other nuances like messaging recall, favorability toward the brand and increases in advertising effectiveness. If results indicate need for improvement, steps are taken to alter the plan and other elements to improve performance. The level of analysis depends upon budget and various factors such as internal capabilities within the client organization, agreed upon timelines for launch period, etc.

Please note that this process will be customized to your Start-up company, product or service with the precise goal to deliver your brand vision to your audience. In today’s online world your brand image may be the only marketing a customer will ever engage with to make their decision to purchase.