Brand Perception

Brand is essentially the sum of all experiences related to your product, service, and your company that makes and delivers your product. Brand perceptions are shaped by those personal experiences your customer has with quality, reliability and ease of use as well as emotional experiences your customer associates with your product or company.

These experiences and perceptions are developed over time through a variety of sources such as:

• Your audiences past experiences with the brand.

• Their interactions with the product, service , sales, customer service, and other employees

• Any recommendations they recieve from friends and colleagues.

• Product or service reviews by reputable sources they believe in.

• Advertising and marketing – Customers perceive and select brands in specific product categories and market segments by how well you tell your brand story. Getting information about your product or service that differenciates you from your competition is necessary. Knowing what they perceive is important is essential.

With marketing costs eating into already tight budgets, investing in a marketing program that deliveries successful results is crucial. ImagePatrol
will conduct extensive brand decision research with objective information and insights that will help guide your important marketing decisions.

• Measure unaided and aided brand awareness

• Determine brand share

• Assess customers’ brand preference

• Determine the information sources used in making brand decisions

• Identify the key factors when selecting a brand

• Measure the brand performance by key factors (i.e. performance, price, availability)

* Quantify the strength of the brand by components

• Understand the role of sales representative in brand selection

• Measure brand loyalty and premium or discount

• Determine factors that arrise for switching brands

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