Get Rejuvenated.

Remember the feeling the last time you came inside from working in the yard on that very hot day. You came inside to that cool air conditioning and grabbed an ice cold lemonaid. After a few minutes you felt rejuvenated and ready go at it again. I believe, that feeling is what some businesses need to experience. They need to Rejuvenate! They’re a little wore out and tired.

One of the secrets behind successful brands is that they invest in the continuous re-development of their brand positioning and communications. This is done in order to keep the brand both differentiated, relevant and  to maintain a strong positioning in the market. Maintaining a strongly differentiated market position requires constant evaluation and revision of the brand in the light of development in the competitive environment. In the same way for a brand to stay relevant, it needs to be constantly tuned into the evolving needs of customers and end-users.

For a brand to be successfully revitalized, everyone needs to be on the same page. Below are some guidelines:

1: Refocus the organization

Refocusing the organization begins with redefining the brand and business purpose and goals. The brand vision should be aspirational.

2: Restore brand relevance
The brand promise is an articulation of the relevant and differentiating experience that the brand will deliver to every customer, every time. Brand revitalization means defining where you want the brand to be and then deciding how to get there.

3: Reinvent the brand experience
To revitalize a brand, we need to bring the redefined brand promise to life. This is about people, product, place, price and promotion.

4: Reinforce a results culture
Creating a results culture means it is important to produce the right results the right way. A balanced brand-business scorecard should include measurable elements such as brand familiarity, brand reputation, employee pride, customer-perceived value, brand loyalty, sales, share and profit.

5: Rebuild brand trust
In this skeptical, demanding, uncertain world, trust is a must. As part of revitalizing a brand, rebuilding trust is critical. Investment in rebuilding trust is an important, challenging marketing imperative. There is demand for more openness, more social responsibility and more integrity.

6: Realize global alignment
The power of alignment is awesome. During brand revitalization, we often talk about the need to get everyone on the same page. But we rarely, if ever, define the page we want everyone to be on.

Brand revitalization needs the courage and perspective of strong leaders.

Over the years, numerous brands—such as Oldsmobile, Pan Am, and Woolworth—have met untimely deaths. Many more have steadily declined into oblivion, while others have been revived. When a brand dies, significant investments that were made to build the brand are also lost. Unfortunately, even the strongest brands with high net worth are not immune from brand decline and subsequent death. In today’s market, where new product introductions are both expensive and risky, it may be worthwhile to evaluate your brand  that is declining and invest in Rejuvenating to the market force it could be.

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