What is Branding?

The word brand is derived from Old English meaning, “burning stick”.  The ancient Egyptians used livestock branding as early as 2700 BC as a theft deterrent, as stolen animals could then be readily identifiable. Around the 10th century merchants marked simple linear designs to prove ownership of goods that were missing due to shipwrecks, pirates, or other mishaps. They were also useful for the tracking of goods by people who were illiterate.

The concept of branding in the 21stcentury grew out of the packaged goods industry, and the branding philosophy has come to include much more than just creating a way to recognize a product or an organization. Branding in the new millennium is used to create an emotional
attachment to products and organizations. As a result the stakes involved in launching, maintaining, and evolving a brand are much higher today in the global economy, than they were in the past.

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), a brand is a “name, term,  sign,  symbol,  or  design,  or  a combination of  them,  intended  to identify the goods and services of oneseller  or  group  of  sellers  and  to differentiate them  from  those  of competition.” Thus,  whenever  a marketer  creates  a  new  name,  logo, or  symbol  for  a  new  product,  he  or she has created a brand.

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