International Agency Connection

Bracket Interactive –Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bracketmedia is a multicultural organization of talented individuals that delivers high end online conceptions and experiences at competitive prices. We are the first interactive agency to fully embrace a nearsourcing* concept combining creativity, development and project management under one roof. Our international staff works US office hours delivering high quality interactive solutions better, faster and more cost effectively than our competitors.

Many organizations recognize talent is global, but fail to bridge the communication gap in terms of understanding the ideas, visions and goals you strive to achieve. For that reason, Bracketmedia has chosen to combine the best local talent, with in-house native-English speaking producers and project managers. This gives you access to the world’s best talent while dissolving the issues of cultural and language barriers.

Founded in 2004, Bracketmedia has grown to become a global organization with a well established name for creative design and professionalism. From the very beginning the idea has been to establish a new and different type of company that provides an alternative to mega ad agencies and individual freelancers. By leveraging global talent Bracketmedia is able to provide a viable option for organizations that are looking for more effective production of interactive services. Our diverse clientele range from one man enterprises to fortune 500 companies. What all our clients share in common is the need for a reliable partner that can deliver high-quality interactive solutions with a hassle free process.

Bracketmedia is headquarted in Buenos Aires, Argentina with local affiliates operating out of major US and European cities. Our in-house team consists of carefully selected superstars in design, development and project management. Together with a strong network of partners, specialists and consultants we offer our clients a full range of interactive services.