What is Branding?

The word brand is derived from Old English meaning, “burning stick”.  The ancient Egyptians used livestock branding as early as 2700 BC as a theft deterrent, as stolen animals could then be readily identifiable. Around the 10th century merchants marked simple linear designs to prove ownership of goods that were missing due to shipwrecks, pirates, or other mishaps. They were also useful for the tracking of goods by people who
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Branding Digital in Today’s World.

The incredible acceleration in digital technology over the past few years has not changed the rules of building a powerful brand. Rather, the proliferation of digital tools and tactics has magnified everything marketers know to be true about creating and managing great brands. • We know that gaining significant insight about what consumers think and feel is essential to smart branding. Digital technology magnifies what consumers are saying about
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The Power of the Visual Brand

Whether you actively control it or not, you already have a brand. Your customers and prospects associate positive and negative attributes to your brand.  The positive attributes are part of the reason you’re successful.  Your inability to build on the positive attributes, or change the negative ones, can impact your bottom line. Your brand is your promise to the customer. It is reflected and reinforced in your logo, your
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Who are you?

Can you answer these questions?  Can your customers? Who are you? What makes you different? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why should people buy from you? When your name is mentioned, what do people immediately think of? What is your promise to them? Can you live up to that promise?

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